Why this blog ?


Translation (nov 2016) of the first page of my blog (nov 2015).

Militant and local actor for more than 20 years to get a better place for « bike policies » in our towns, I had gradually given up my action, feeling weariness not to be taken in consideration with my simple and common sense proposals, in my city of Calais, which has yet all the social and geographical characteristics to become a testing laboratory for integrated modes of travel and then a reference cycling city, as La Rochelle, Starsbourg, Nantes or the Flanders cities so close of North of France.

With what I’ve seen in VELOCITY international Congress in Nantes in 2015, I want again saying things and criticize, but also propose substantive or basic solutions, to stimulate discussion, and collective actions.

In this blog, we won’t only discuss about cycling, but also about pedestrians, buses, trains or car share. It’s a blog of intermodality, which could get the life easier if better thought out with users, and set up by the planners and the elected officials.

For the beginning, in this week of mobility of september, and very close of the international conference of Paris (COP21), I am going to analyse how bicycle policies are in place or not in the cities of the « Côte d’Opale » (north side) from Boulogne-sur-Mer to the belgian border.

Christian Louchez

Town councillor of Calais (1995-2008), in charge of Transports and Sustainable Mobility

Vice-president of Calais District (2001-2008), in charge of Environment

Member of the board of directors of the « Club des Villes et Territoires Cyclables » (2000-2008)

Creator (2005) and president (2005-2011) of the associative Bike Station of Calais